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Create a custom list of inputs that you want for your crop production needs. 

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Local retailers create competitive bids to win your business. 

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Safely pay for your favorite bid online and find out which retailer will be fulfilling your order.

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Optimize Procurement

Use our platform to optimize your procurement process. With Inputs, you can quickly create custom orders for inputs, services, or other materials, efficiently compare competing offers to achieve maximum value, and have confidence that you received the best prices.

Budgeting and Analytics Tools

Use our budgeting and analytics tools to track when, where, and how your money is spent. Determine how much it costs to produce your crop at the field level. Quickly and efficiently calculate ROI and determine financial benefits with your on farm trials. 

Explore Products & Services

Explore new products, read about new services, learn about special offers from your local retailers,  and discover new opportunities that can make your operation run better than ever. Quickly find professional crop advisors and service providers that help make your farm more profitable. 

Diverse Marketplace

The Inputs platform is not limited to crop input procurement. You can use our platform to shop for ag loans, insurance, on farm services, consumables, parts, and more. We make it easy to shop and buy, while helping you keep track of your expenses.

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